Welcome to Décalé Airport Hotel, the go-to-address for grand-scale meetings and events. Décalé Airport Hotel is the right place to organize your meetings with its well-equipped and comfortable meeting rooms. Décalé Airport Hotel is here for you...

Thanks to our professional approach, we provide all the technical infrastructure and the perfect service needed to make your event a success, as well as the arrangement of the meeting rooms according to your wishes. All your events, large or small, are smoothly handled by our professional event organizers. Décalé Hotel handles all organizational work and provides all required services starting from the day you arrange the meeting date until you leave the hotel.

Sea Pearl Meeting Room

Accommodates 12 people

Ocean Meeting Room

Accommodates 8 people

Diamond Meeting Room

Accommodates 8 people

Gold Meeting Room

Accommodates 12 people

We are adding a new layer of distinction to the business world with 4 workshop meeting rooms with spacious and comfortable interiors where you can happily hold your business meetings. On request, we can combine the Ocean and Diamond meeting rooms to make room for 16 people.
Technical Equipment: Writing Board Wireless and Cable Internet Thermostat Controlled Heating-Cooling Electricity 220 V Barcovision, Screen Computer Connection System

Bosphorus Auditorium: With its spacious interior and foyer, it is suitable for all types of meetings, seminars and gala dinners. In the stylish foyer area, you can enjoy pleasant coffee breaks during your meetings and seminars. Plus, it is also a great option for cocktails.

Technical Equipment: Writing Board, Wireless and Cable Internet, Sound System for Conferences and Meetings, Thermostat Controlled Heating-Cooling, Wireless Microphone, Lectern, Electricity 220 V, Projection, Screen, Computer Connection System


- 2 types of sweet cookies
- 2 types of savory cookies
- 2 types of pastry with/without cheese
- 1 types of grissini
- Wet Cake
- Brownie


- Crudités (carrot, salad, lemon juice)
- 4 kinds of Cold Canapés (with hot spices, mozzarella, tuna, chicken)
- Cheese Pane
- Mini Patty
- Mitite Meatballs
- Soy Sauce Chicken